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Is It Legal to Do Business on the Internet in Canada?

Legal Canadian casinos are legal in Canada, because all of the country’s provinces operate under a system of proportional representation. The number of seats for each province has to have for the House of Commons and Senate makes up the number of seats a province holds in the House of Commons. Once seats are added to the House of Commons the number of seats for each province will have for its Senate is adjusted for population growth. The current number of seats for each province holds in the House of Commons and the Senate is based on population plus one. This is done to ensure a certain amount of representation for each province regardless of how many seats are available in House of Commons and how many seats are available in Senate.

In order to be legal, all Canadian legal casinos must follow the laws of Canada. In fact, since all of the country’s provinces operate under proportional representation it is easy for the law to conflict with that of the online casino website. When this occurs, the affected website will inform players of any potential issues with the laws of Canada. However, it is up to the player to conduct their own research on the matter. Players can find information on legal, Canadian online casinos at the website of the Canadian Radio Commission, which is also where players can find any complaints about Canadian casinos.

There are many legally licensed Canadian casinos located within the borders of the United States. These include the jackpot rooms at Las Vegas, the biggest in the Western Hemisphere, the Waiheke island of New Zealand, and the granddaddy of them all, the Kahnawake mohawk nation. The majority of these casinos are located within Canada but some are located within the United States and even one is located within the boundaries of New Mexico. Even though the majority of them are located within Canada there are still two exceptions.

In 2021 the online gambling commission introduced a new law that effectively shut down the “bookie” system. This was the Canadian Basel Convention Implementation Act. This act allows the provinces and territories to take control of the three main bookies in the country. Since the three bookies out of Canada were based in the USA, it was only fitting that the three casinos that had been previously operating there would now be closed.

There is still a loophole though. While this law was introduced, it was intended that a minimum amount of funds from gambling be allowed to cross the border into Canada from the USA. Since many gambling sites were only collecting funds from a select number of countries that allowed them to legally operate in Canada, it didn’t make sense for them to expand their business into a country that did not allow this. Fortunately, in June 2021 the government lifted this restriction and all Canadian casino sites are now fully operational in the country.

While it may be illegal to conduct gambling on the Internet in most areas of the United States, in Canada there are no such restrictions. Therefore, any individual who wishes to gamble online in Canada can do so without having to worry about having to obtain a gambling license or even register at a site. So, as you can see it is perfectly legal to do business on the Internet in Canada. The only time you may need to think about getting a gambling license in Canada is if you plan on doing business with an individual that does have one. If you do not, then you can simply go ahead and play from any site that you choose.